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About ExO Delta Gaming

Founded in 2005 during the period of Halo 2, ExO Delta Gaming is a gaming organization competitive in the latest Halo game, specifically the Big Team Battle (BTB) playlist. We are committed to playing competitive 8v8 Halo BTB games. ExO plays the game to win the game within the spirit of the game. We do not "stat" or "farm". We pride ourselves on good gaming morals, values, and ethics.

Join ExO

Are you the right fit for us, are we the right fit for you?

ExO has a recruiting process that is designed to identify compatible players to add to our brotherhood of exceptional gamers. Our approach is to find players with the same mutual interest in Halo BTB as with the existing ExO membership. We primarily play Halo 5 as our game of choice, we play BTB as our playlist of choice, and we play the game, to win the game, as a team, for ExO. The Team is our weapon.

Benefits of membership
  • Better availability of players online wanting to play Halo BTB.
  • ExO Members get priority in our lobbies.
  • ExO Members are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and informative. Members are driven to the continued improvement of the clan by collaborating with other members on strategies, tactics, or other skilled methods.
  • ExO Members have exclusive access to additional content and features on our website that's not available to the public.
  • ExO Members utilize the real time messaging app Slack for communication throughout the clan.

The Recruitment Process

The process begins with a skills assessment (1v1) with one of our skilled members. A player must pass the skills assessment in order to move on to the evaluation period.

The evaluation period involves playing 20-30 BTB games with ExO members during to course of a week. There is strong emphasis placed on activity, following instructions, and teamwork chemistry.

Every Tuesday, when we conduct our weekly meeting, our members will vote to determine if a recruit earns membership.

Recruitment Requirements

  • 16 Years of age or older.
  • MUST have a 1.5+ K/D ratio in BTB, 100+ BTB games played. Enter your gamertag on our Halo 5 Stats Page to view your BTB Profile to learn more.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Use the mic for good call-outs, communicate vital information during game play, and NOT babble, belly-ache, or complain.
  • Be a Team Player, cooperate with and respect your teammates.
  • Support the primary objective of winning the game, especially if it means sacrificing personal initiatives such as K/D, personal stats, sprees, etc.

Become part of the brotherhood. Join ExO Delta! Contact us to get started.

Clan Battles

ExO Delta is accepting Halo 5 8v8 Big Team Battle requests. To learn more about how clan battles are arranged, visit our Clan Battle Terms.

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