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It's all about the Win!

It's all about the win.

ExO Delta is a competitive, skill-based Halo clan dedicated to playing Big Team Battle (BTB) in Halo 5: Guardians. ExO (Elite Ops) is a organization serious about our gameplay and takes our gaming to a high level. We participate in competitive 8v8 matches, scrimmages, community tournaments, team practices, fun custom games, and more.

About ExO

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Join ExO

If you are tired of getting matched up with randoms or poorly skilled players, and want to be part of a real team that employs an organized & strategic approach to winning the game, then take a closer look into ExO.

Become part of our brotherhood of exceptional gamers. Join ExO Delta! Contact us to get started.

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Halo 5 Statistics using the Halo API

Be sure to check out API Statistics Central based on the Halo API.

We have the only collection of BTB statistics on the planet along with a Game History Browser and detailed Game Report viewer. Included are a full range of statistics for Social Arena, Ranked Arena, and Warzone. In addition, there are Full Spartan Company Stats (Leaderboards), CSR Leaderboard, and a Stat Overlay for OBS or streaming software.

API Statistics Central

Game History Browser

Watch ExO

Watch Twitch Streams

View a listing of ExO members who may be streaming live on Twitch.

Watch ExO

Watch Live Streams of Halo

If ExO is not streaming, here is a list of players currently streaming Halo 5 Live on Twitch. There is an option to list any and all Halo games being streamed.

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Challenge ExO

Challenge ExO

We are open for competitive 8v8s versus other teams or spartan companies. Visit our Clan Battles page for more details.

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